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The Shooting of Maurice Barrymore

The Shooting of Maurice Barrymore, scion of the famous Barrymore family.  It happened in Marshall, Texas. Click here for an interesting article written by Jack Canson.

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Boogie Woogie 101

Here’s a video presentation on the history – thanks for watching.

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Historical Vignettes

You might enjoy reading these Historical Vignettes of  People & Places of Interest to the Birthplace of Boogie Woogie.  So many wonderful and talented individuals have lived here, worked here or helped pave the way, and we’ll be adding more to this … Continue reading

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From Boogie Woogie to Rock ‘n Roll

“Down The Road Apiece” is a good example of how Boogie Woogie never went away; it influenced everything and created rock ‘n roll. It’s a great song, from the boogie woogie original to the decades of covers by Chuck Berry, … Continue reading

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Grand Opening

The eagerly-awaited grand opening of the Harrison County Historical Museum is Second Saturday Weekend in September. The museum is housed in the beautifully restored 1901 Harrison County Courthouse. A great weekend to come to Marshall for Main Street’s all-day festival, … Continue reading

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1915 Street Paving Scene


Such an interesting photo. Street-paving scene, Marshall, TX: Birthplace of Boogie Woogie 1915. Grateful to those who paved the way. And the streets! Happy Labor Day.

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Floyd Dixon Final Concert

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Library of Congress Photos – Marshall 1939


Photos of Marshall people taken by Farm Securities Administration photographer Russell Lee in 1939. The people are not identified, but perhaps some descendants are still here and will recognize them. Russell Lee, Gordon Parks, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange and other photographers were hired to document Depression-Era America. The Library of Congress has 164,000 images available to view online. Click here to see several of them in a Facebook album. Continue reading

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