Thursdays will never be the same in Marshall, Texas. RIP Omar Sharriff. In addition to his larger concerts and benefits, Omar performed every Thursday night at the OS Pub on our Downtown Square. His presence here attracted a diverse, devoted, admiring crowd every week, and visitors from Austin, Dallas, Houston, Ft. Worth, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Utah, Alabama, Washington D.C., the Silicon Valley, Many Other Places, and one nice lady who came all the way from Alaska. In Omar’s memory, the music lives on. Tonight – Thursday, Jan. 19 – and every Thursday, see Omar’s Band of Brothers – musicians who performed with Omar, and at his Memorial Tribute. Mike Mitchell, Carl Mitchell, Andre Lewis and Barney Canson will play the incredible Omar originals heard at the service, and other Blues and Boogies – THURSDAYS at the OS Pub from 7 to 9.

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