Historical Vignettes

You might enjoy reading these Historical Vignettes of  People & Places of Interest to the Birthplace of Boogie Woogie.  So many wonderful and talented individuals have lived here, worked here or helped pave the way, and we’ll be adding more to this luminary list:

  1. Alexander, Dave “Black Ivory King.”
  2. Beck, Jim.
  3. Bowden, Richard.
  4. Buddy Records.
  5. Cass County Boys.
  6. Coker, Henry
  7. Dalhart, Vernon.
  8. Dixon, Floyd.
  9. Dove, Nat.
  10. Elam, David Alexander.
  11. Elam, Tom and Susie Hill.
  12. Henley, Don.
  13. Houston, Lawyer.
  14. Jonesville Store.
  15. Joplin, Scott.
  16. Ledbetter, Huddie “Lead Belly.”
  17. Milburn, Amos.
  18. Nancarrow, Conlon.
  19. Phil Records.
  20. Porter, Roy
  21. Presley, Elvis.
  22. Ritter, Tex.
  23. Roadmaster.
  24. Sharriff, Omar.
  25. Sims, Frankie Lee.
  26. Smith, Bob “Wolfman Jack.”
  27. Swanson’s Landing.
  28. Tennison, Dr. John.
  29. Texas Tommy.
  30. Walker, Aaron “T-Bone.”
  31. Walker, George & Hersal.
  32. Wiley Collegians.
  33. Williams, Henry “Notes.”
  34. Williams, Otis, Temptations.


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